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Experience the Legend of the Monkey King in this Epic Action-Adventure Game

Black Myth: Wu Kong is an upcoming action-adventure game from a Chinese independent game studio. If you played last year's excellent Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or the recently released Mortal Shell, what's on display here will be familiar. Black Myth: Wu Kong takes the Souls-like formula and applies it to the classic tale of the Monkey King and the Journey to the West. Stance-switching, which is a central gameplay element in Souls-inspired games like Nioh and Nioh 2, makes an appearance. And at one point in the teaser, we also see the protagonist transform into two other creatures.

As in From Software's games, it looks like the world will be just as much of a character in Black Myth as the player avatar and the rest of the human-like cast. However, what's particularly notable about the game's presentation is that it's built on Unreal Engine 4.

monkey king game

According to game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, Black Myth developer Game Science Studio was founded by former Tencent Games staff. Incidentally, Tencent owns a stake Unreal Engine publisher Epic Games. The team says it released the trailer to recruit new talent. Game Science plans to release the game on PC as well as other "mainstream" platforms. They also confirmed it's a traditional pay-once release. Ahmad estimates Black Myth: Wu Kong is about two years away from release. Given that timeline, it's a good bet the game could make its way to next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Triple A-quality titles like Black Myth aren't something we've seen come out of China a lot. The country's vide game community is better known for producing free-to-play titles like Call of Duty: Mobile. Black Myth: Wu Kong could be the project that changes that.

Liam grew up with a PlayStation controller in his hands and a love for Metal Gear Solid. Nowadays, he can be found playing the latest and greatest PS5 games as well as supporting Derby County. That last detail is his downfall.

Not every game needs to be a graphical powerhouse, especially from a first time chinese developer (I think at least?) not to mention there's plenty of indie games that wouldn't look out of place on the snes

When I pointed that out in the past, you and some other reviewers said "but the art style is great so it doesn't matter". Here we have great art style, but the game's graphics still counts as something negative.

Isn't this a double standard? It's not just pushsquare, of course. Indies get a free pass, games with incredible graphics are praised, and everything in between is criticized, making it harder for studios with a decent (neither tiny, nor huge) budget to find success.

Not sure I agree about the graphics. They look simple for sure but not ps2 or 3 really...I think we have rose coloured glasses sometimes with these things.PS2 games look messy and blurry.Emulating PS2 or even N64 makes them look more than twice as good with hardware acceleration. I think most people are used to seeing these scaled up old games from watching twitch etc

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these shorter simpler games is like fresh air today between all the 30 hours plus games, and the 'game as service games' that demand everything of you. i will be picking up this one for sure, and i like ps3 graphics

The film grossed $17.99 million CNY ($2.85 million USD) on its opening day, placing third at the Chinese box office.[9] With positive reviews and word of mouth, the film's box office reception steadily increased, peaking at $65.87 million CNY ($10.44 million USD) a day, and first at the box office.[10] The film began to drop due to competition from Monster Hunt and finished its run with a gross of $957 million CNY ($153 million USD).[11] The film became the seventh highest grossing film in China of 2015 and the highest grossing animated film in China until being surpassed by Zootopia and Kung Fu Panda 3 the following year.

On October 17, 2019, a video game was released on PlayStation 4, developed by Hexa Drive and published by Oasis Games.[12]As Sun Wukong (renamed Dasheng in the English dub), players guide Liuer and Pigsy (Zhu Bajie) to fight off Mountain Trolls and other monsters to save the kidnapped children from the clutches of the demon king Hun Dun, use statues of Guanyin to unlock spells to enhance skills and use various weapons to battle enemies. Two DLCs were available: Mind Palace, which is set within Sun Wukong's mind sealed inside the Buddha's crystal, where he trains himself in a series of obstacles and traps between different biomes, and Uproar in Heaven, which is set before the main story where the monkey king duels against three of the Jade Emperor's greatest warriors, Nezha, Juling Shen and the Jade Emperor's nephew Erlang Shen.

Monkey King's VR video gameInformationTypeVideo gameCreator(s)Monkey KingOwner(s)Monkey KingUser(s)Monkey KingMei (VR set only)MKStatusUsedAppearancesOnly appearanceGame OnMonkey King's VR video game is a virtual reality video game that's based off the Monkey King's battles. It is implied to be coded by Monkey King himself.

Black Myth: Wukong is an action RPG based on the classic 16th-century novel Journey to the West that follows the pilgrimage of a Buddhist monk who traveled from China to the western regions of Central Asia and India. During his journey, the monk met various creatures inspired by Chinese mythology, including a monkey king called Sun Wukong. This character is the main protagonist of Black Myth: Wukong and will have to fight against various enemies to help the Buddhist monk make his way to the West.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and mark the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit, Game Science published a stop-motion video starring rabbits playing Black Myth: Wukong. This humoristic video shows a rabbit waiting years to play Black Myth: Wukong, upgrading his computer to no avail as the game has not yet released. Years later, he meets youngsters playing the action RPG on a large screen as the game is finally available. The clip ends to reveal the release window for Black Myth: Wukong, indicating Summer 2024.

Unlike the video, Black Myth: Wukong is nothing like a stop-motion clip featuring bunnies. This action RPG is developed using Unreal Engine 5, supporting 4K graphics to showcase the intense fights between the monkey king Sun Wukong and over 100 types of enemies. The first gameplay trailers for Black Myth: Wukong reminded players of action RPGs such as Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, even if the overall difficulty of the game remains a mystery. Black Myth: Wukong is the first game in a planned trilogy, with each new title focusing on a different Chinese tale. Developer Game Science aims to turn Black Myth into a wide universe of stories, just like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When she first played World of Warcraft at 10 years old, Ophélie knew her future would be in the video game industry. With a passion for writing and playing video games, she naturally became a gaming journalist. When she is not covering the latest news in the gaming industry, Ophélie can be found raiding in WoW, trying to click heads in an FPS, or enjoying a single-player adventure.

In this enhanced port of the Arcade game Chuka Taisen, you take control of a monkey boy named Michael who sets out on a quest to defeat five bosses and gain the title of being the strongest fighter of them all!

Aside from a dodge mapped to R2, Dasheng has two defensive-focused abilities that can turn the tide of battle, if you have the right timing of course. Pressing square as an opponent attacks activates a one-on-one minigame where you mash square some more to batter your enemy. Pressing triangle just before an attack performs a purge, a counter hit that can either one-shot weak enemies or deal high damage to bosses. The camera will zoom in on the blow and time will slow down to show the impact, which makes the move feel more gratifying to use.

During your journey, you can collect Red Souls from fallen enemies to level up abilities that you unlock throughout the course of the game. These new abilities help to keep the combat fresh in certain ways, though activating them can break the flow of battle sometimes. You can also find Earth Gods hidden throughout the environment that allow you to upgrade your health, magic pool and technique, which makes collectible scavenging useful. Technique is particularly useful, as it adds additional hits to your combo, improving the combat somewhat.

The Monkey King: The Legend Begins is a horizontally scrolling shmup that retells the Journey to the West story that has been used countless times since its inception over 500 years ago. It's a sort of sequel to Taito's Cloud Master and was developed by StarFish and published by UFO. While it is certainly buried in the hallowed halls of mediocrity among the massive troves of other Wii shovelware games, it isn't such a blatant crash grab as many of them and you can detect just the slightest hint of care by the developers. The same can't be said for the game they created shortly after this. StarFish created a cash-in game called Saint that tells the exact same story, uses the same engine, many of the same graphics, and is basically just a reskin of this game. It's also one of the worst games I've ever played and I am hard pressed to even remember any other game that was as terrible as it was. Luckily, The Monkey King, while very simple and budget oriented, isn't nearly as bad as that one and feels more like "baby's first shmup" rather than an attempt to defraud the consumer of their hard earned cash. Don't get me wrong, it's bad. It's just more of a failure on part of its creator's shortcomings rather than them trying to cheat you. It's like scoring a 30% on a test when you hadn't studied but actually tried a little on test day versus not studying, not trying, but telling everyone that you were going to ace the exam.

You play as either Wukong, the titular adolescent monkey king or his female friend, Mai Mai. Both are training to become martial arts masters and have to shoot their way through 6 levels to gain the approval of their teacher. They play almost identically (other than their access to specific spells) and are really nothing more than a cosmetic choice. As mentioned earlier, the game is a horizontal shmup just like we're all quite familiar with. You have access to a standard shot that is little more than a pea shooter but can be leveled up 6 times by collecting powerups. This will turn your pea shooter into a much wider and more powerful spread of bullets the will ravage the enemies coming your way. In addition to this, you can collect the standard speed upgrades as well as occasionally enter a door to grab a magic spell. You are able to bank two of these spells simultaneously and switch between them at will by using the A button. They range from simple bombs that you drop, fire shields to protect you, dragon fireballs, and even almost full screen laser beams. There are slight variances between which spell each of the two characters can collect, but they are mostly identical and only a couple of spells are unique to whomever you chose. These spells are very powerful and oddly have unlimited uses. You can just spam the magic button constantly and feel almost impossible to kill. There is also a pretty generous life bar that allows you to take several hits before dying. The enemy placement in the game isn't well thought out and seems almost random at best and your character's sprite is very large and there will be blankets of bullets fired at you with no way to avoid them. This forces you to have to take the damage since there's nothing you can do about it. This makes the health bar a requirement for a game this poorly thought out and is a hallmark of a poorly designed game. As I've sarcastically stated many times, why make tight and well designed game that will allow you to learn to rout the stages while avoiding even a single hit when you can just throw a bunch of random junk at the player to increase the difficulty and let the health bar take up the slack? If you see a health bar in a shmup, be forewarned; the developers probably didn't know how to design good bullet patterns or enemy placement. Then, when they played the game, found it to be almost impossible, so they just slapped a life bar on there and pushed the game out of the door. This is almost certainly what happened with this game as well, and if that weren't enough, you can replenish your health by collecting the commonly occurring health potions from fallen enemies or by finishing a stage. You're given so much health, lives, and healing items that you don't even have to bother to dodge most of the time. If you do die, you respawn right where you were without having to worry about going back to a checkpoint. Making things even easier, there are plenty of extra lives that drop from enemies as well. Too many, in fact. I actually had 16 extra lives by the end of my first playthrough and never died once. 2b4c41e320


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