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Free Download Qila 4 In Hindi

Qila: A Mystery Thriller Starring Dilip Kumar

Qila is a 1998 Indian Hindi-language mystery drama thriller directed by Umesh Mehra and starring Dilip Kumar (in a dual role), Rekha, Mukul Dev, Mamta Kulkarni, Smita Jaykar and Gulshan Grover. After a film career that began in 1944 and spanned over five decades, this marked the final film appearance of veteran actor Dilip Kumar before his death on 7 July 2021. The film is a mystery thriller in which Kumar plays dual roles as an evil landowner who is murdered and as his twin brother who is a court judge tasked with investigating who killed him.


A cruel and evil landowner Jagannath Singh is murdered and his twin brother Amarnath Singh decides to investigate. He finds the list of suspects is endless. The prime suspects are Jagannath's son Amar, Jagannath's abused wife Suman and a woman named Yamini who claims she was raped by Jagannath. Eventually, Jagannath's son Amar confesses to killing his father. He reveals that on the night of his father's death he accidentally shot him while trying to fight him off when Jagannath held Amar and his mother at gunpoint. Soon after the list of suspects grow, it is discovered that Jagannath's had many more enemies who could have killed him, including landowner Mangal Singh and even Jagannath's brother Amarnath, who doesn't seem to have got on well with Jagannath himself in the past. Yamini killed Jagannath for his wrongdoings to her brother.



  • Dilip Kumar as Jagannath Singh/Judge Amarnath Singh (dual role)

  • Rekha as Yamini

  • Mukul Dev as Amar J. Singh

  • Mamta Kulkarni as Neeta

  • Smita Jaykar as Suman J. Singh

  • Gulshan Grover as Mangal Singh


All songs are composed by Anand Raj Anand with lyrics by Dev Kohli. The soundtrack consists of six songs, sung by Mohammed Aziz, Nayan Rathod, Sadhana Sargam, Preeti Uttam Singh, Udit Narayan, Poornima Shrestha, Asha Bhosle and Alka Yagnik.


1."Layi Hai Mehndi Wali Raat"Mohammed Aziz, Nayan Rathod, Sadhana Sargam, Preeti Uttam Singh04:17

2."Prem Hai Radha Prem Hai Mera"Sadhana Sargam05:39

3."Wah Bhai Wah"Udit Narayan, Poornima Shrestha05:24

4."Ankhiya Ye Ankhiya"Asha Bhosle, Udit Narayan05:29

5."Kurte Ki Banhiya"Amit Kumar, Udit Narayan, Preeti Uttam Singh05:03

6."Tere Bin O Dilbar"Alka Yagnik05:25

Total length:31:17

Where to Watch Qila?

If you are interested in watching Qila, you can stream it online on Netflix, where it is available with English subtitles. You can also buy or rent the DVD from Amazon or other online platforms. However, please do not download Qila illegally, as it is a violation of the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers and the actors.


Qila is a rare film that showcases the versatility and talent of Dilip Kumar, who played two contrasting roles in the same film. It is also a gripping mystery thriller that keeps you guessing until the end. If you are a fan of Dilip Kumar or Bollywood movies in general, you should definitely watch Qila and appreciate the legacy of one of India's greatest actors.


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