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Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Crack Midnight

Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight: A Review

If you are looking for a virtual bass instrument that can deliver the iconic sound of a Rickenbacker 4003, you might want to check out the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight from Native Instruments. This is a software instrument that captures the unmistakable tone of a Rickenbacker 4003 with stainless steel Rotosound strings, played with a pick for that crisp and punchy midrange that has shaped rock and pop history. In this article, we will review the features, sound, and usability of this product, and see if it lives up to the expectations of Rickenbacker fans.

scarbee rickenbacker bass crack midnight

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The Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight is based on the Rickenbacker 4003 model, which was released in 1980 as the successor to the 4001 model that had been in consistent use since 1960. The 4003 improved the bass response of the neck pickup, giving it a balanced tonal response that made it popular among many bassists across different genres. The Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight is the first software instrument to be officially approved by Rickenbacker, and it was painstakingly sampled by Thomas Skarbye, a highly regarded bassist and sound designer. The instrument was recorded direct into Pro Tools with premium Mogami cables and a Metric Halo LIO-8 preamp, ensuring every nuance of the original bass came through in pristine quality.

The instrument comes with two separate .nki files, one for palm-muted articulations and one for open-picked articulations. The palm-muted articulations simulate the effect of using the damper bar on the tailpiece of the original bass, which gives a more subdued and country-like sound. The open-picked articulations are played between the pickups, and they deliver the full power and sustain of the Rickenbacker sound. Both articulations use the unique Rick-O-Sound stereo output, which splits the signal from the two pickups into two separate channels, giving more flexibility and control over the tone.

The instrument also features a built-in effect chain that adds the final touch to the sound. It includes a Jump Amp from Guitar Rig for amp simulation, and a tape saturator, equalizer, and compressor from the Solid Mix Series for studio effects. The effect chain can be customized and bypassed according to your preference.


The sound of the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight is simply stunning. It has a rich low end, a clear and detailed midrange, and a bright and wiry top end that cuts through any mix. The instrument is very expressive and responsive to your playing style, and it can produce a wide range of tones depending on how you tweak the settings. You can go from a smooth and warm sound to a gritty and aggressive sound with just a few adjustments. The instrument also has some realistic articulations, such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, grace notes, trills, buzz trills, mutes, and pickup claps, that add more life and variation to your performance.

The instrument sounds great on its own, but it also blends well with other instruments in a band context. It can provide a solid foundation for rock, pop, funk, soul, country, or any other genre you can think of. It can also take distortion well, and create some edgy and exciting sounds that are perfect for heavier styles. The instrument is very versatile and adaptable, and it can emulate some of the most famous Rickenbacker bass players in history, such as Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, Lemmy Kilmister, Chris Squire, Bruce Foxton, Mike Rutherford, Roger Waters, and many more.


The Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight is very easy to use and play. It runs in Kontakt or the free Kontakt Player, and it has a user-friendly interface that lets you access all the parameters and options in one screen. You can adjust the volume, pan, tone, release noise, vibrato depth and rate, legato mode, slide mode, slide speed, slide noise volume, slide trigger velocity threshold, string selection mode, stroke direction mode, pickup balance, effect chain settings, tuning, velocity curve, and more. You can also save and load your own presets, or use the factory presets that are included.

The instrument has a smart KSP scripting that takes care of string selection and up/down strokes automatically, depending on the notes you play and the settings you choose. However, if you want more control, you can also override the automatic choices with non-latching keyswitches. For example, if you want to play an open G on the A string with an upward stroke, you can force it to do so. You can also use keyswitches to trigger different articulations, such as trills, buzz trills, mutes, and pickup claps.

The instrument is very playable and realistic, and it can be used with a MIDI keyboard or a MIDI guitar controller. It has a low CPU and RAM usage, and it loads quickly. It also has a low latency, and it responds well to your playing dynamics and expression. The instrument is compatible with Mac OS and Windows, and it requires Kontakt 5.1 or higher.


The Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight is a superb virtual bass instrument that captures the essence and character of a Rickenbacker 4003. It has a fantastic sound, a great feature set, and a high playability. It is suitable for any genre and style of music, and it can recreate some of the most legendary bass tones in history. It is also very affordable, considering the quality and quantity of content it offers. If you are a fan of Rickenbacker basses, or if you are looking for a versatile and realistic virtual bass instrument, you should definitely give the Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Midnight a try.


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  • [4] The slide trigger velocity threshold determines how hard you have to play a note to trigger a slide.

  • [5] The string selection mode determines how the instrument chooses which string to play a note on.

  • [6] The stroke direction mode determines how the instrument chooses whether to play an upstroke or a downstroke.

  • [7] The pickup balance controls the volume ratio between the neck pickup and the bridge pickup.

  • [8] The effect chain settings allow you to adjust the parameters of the amp simulator and the studio effects.

  • [9] The tuning allows you to tune each string individually or use standard or custom tunings.

  • [10] The velocity curve allows you to adjust how the instrument responds to your playing velocity.

  • [11] Non-latching keyswitches are keys that activate an option only while they are held down.


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