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How Long Is Extra Time? Football Rules on Extra Time You Should Know

How Long Is Extra Time? This is a question that many football fans and online betting enthusiasts, especially newcomers, are curious about. Many matches are decided in extra time, and even one minute can make history. Let's explore this topic with Win tips in the article below.

How Long Is Extra Time?

Before answering the question of how long extra time lasts, let's briefly understand extra time in football. Extra time, also known as "extra time" in English, is a familiar term when analyzing football odds. This is additional time allocated for both professional and amateur football matches. It is applied when the score is tied at the end of the 90-minute regular play time. An extra time period is necessary before determining the winner through penalty shootouts. Extra time is divided into two halves, similar to regular play, but each half is shorter.

Goals scored in extra time are counted just like in regular time. Therefore, reputable bookmakers offer specific odds for extra time. The team that kicks off in the first half will also kick off the first half of extra time. At the end of the first extra time half, teams switch sides for the second extra time half. If a winner is still not determined after extra time, a penalty shootout will take place.

In some amateur or certain tournaments, extra time is not played. Instead, if there is no winner after the 90 minutes of regular play, the match goes directly to penalty shootouts. Therefore, for these tournaments, you won’t see odds related to extra time from bookmakers.

How Long Is Extra Time in Football?

So, how long is extra time in football? The answer is a total of 30 minutes for extra time. Each half lasts 15 minutes, and these two halves are played continuously without a break in between, unlike regular play.

In some tournaments, if a team scores first in the first 15 minutes of extra time, the match immediately ends, and that team is declared the winner. If no goals are scored by the end of the 30 minutes of extra time, the winner is decided by penalty shootouts.

Nowadays, most top betting sites offer bets for extra time. These bets become available as soon as regular play ends and extra time is required. Some bookmaker sportsbook even offer these bets from the start. Therefore, quick analysts for knockout stage matches often research thoroughly about both teams to make timely decisions.

Regulations During Extra Time

Besides understanding how long extra time lasts, here are some additional regulations during extra time:

  1. During the 30 minutes of extra time, no added time is calculated, and there is no halftime break.

  2. In some tournaments, FIFA allows a fourth substitution during extra time.

  3. If no winner is determined after 30 minutes of extra time, a penalty shootout will take place.

  4. In some home-and-away format tournaments, goals scored in extra time are considered in the away goals rule.

  5. Depending on the tournament, extra time may not be played, and teams go directly to penalty shootouts.

  6. FIFA is considering applying the golden goal or silver goal rule during extra time.

Types of Extra Time Bets and Tips for Analyzing Bets

If you understand how long extra time lasts in football, let's move on to the next section: types of extra time bets and tips for analyzing these bets.

Popular types of extra time bets at reputable bookmakers like W88 include:

  1. Betting on whether the match will go to extra time. This bet is usually offered before the official match starts. If the match is canceled before knowing if extra time is played, the bet is void, and players are refunded.

  2. Betting on the number of goals scored during extra time. You can choose Asian odds, European odds, or over/under bets. Top bookmakers like W88 offer a full range of these bets.

  3. Betting on which team will score first or last during extra time.

To consistently win extra time bets, you should consider the following tips:

  1. Choose a reputable bookmaker. Regardless of the bet type, selecting a trustworthy bookmaker is crucial. You can refer to the list of reputable bookmakers at W88, rated by actual players.

  2. Follow the match closely to evaluate and predict its progression. Additionally, monitor player performance to anticipate their form if extra time is played.

  3. Research information to understand key plays and offensive strategies late in the match.

  4. Consult expert analyses from top analysts on leading bookmaker in australia like W88.

We hope these insights help you better understand how long extra time lasts in football and how to analyze extra time bets. Don’t forget to visit Wintips for more information on top reputable bookmakers and other helpful articles.


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