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The Unfaithful Wife by Lynne Graham: A Review

The Unfaithful Wife is a romance novel by Lynne Graham, published in 1995 by Mills & Boon. It tells the story of Leah and Nik Andreakis, a married couple who have been estranged for five years due to a blackmail scheme orchestrated by Leah's father. Nik believes that Leah has evidence of his dark past and decides to seduce her to get it back, but he soon discovers that she is innocent and loyal. Can he win back her trust and love after years of betrayal and neglect?

Plot Summary

Leah was only 17 when she was forced to marry Nik, a 25-year-old Greek tycoon, by her father, who threatened to expose Nik's involvement in a drug cartel. Nik agreed to the marriage to protect his reputation and his family, but he never trusted Leah and assumed that she was a spoiled and greedy heiress. He left her alone on their wedding night and proceeded to cheat on her openly with various women, while Leah suffered in silence and isolation.


Five years later, Leah is finally free from her father's control and wants to get a divorce from Nik. She confronts him at his office and asks him to sign the papers, but he refuses. He suspects that she has a copy of a tape that incriminates him in the drug trade and decides to take her to his private island in Greece to get it from her. He plans to use his charm and passion to make her reveal the truth, but he is shocked by her innocence and vulnerability. He realizes that she has never been unfaithful to him and that she knows nothing about his past.

Nik feels guilty and remorseful for the way he treated Leah and decides to make amends. He confesses his love for her and asks her to give him another chance. He also tells her the truth about his involvement in the drug cartel and how he escaped from it with the help of his brother. Leah is stunned by his revelations and his feelings, but she is also hurt and angry by his years of neglect and infidelity. She is not sure if she can forgive him and trust him again.


The Unfaithful Wife is a classic example of Lynne Graham's style of writing, which combines intense emotions, passionate romance, and dramatic conflicts. The characters are well-developed and realistic, with flaws and strengths that make them relatable and sympathetic. The plot is engaging and fast-paced, with twists and turns that keep the reader hooked until the end.

The main theme of the novel is the importance of trust and honesty in a relationship. Both Leah and Nik have been deceived and manipulated by their families, which made them distrustful and insecure. They also have different expectations and values when it comes to marriage, which caused them to misunderstand each other. They have to overcome their past hurts and learn to communicate openly and sincerely with each other in order to rebuild their marriage.

The novel also explores the effects of social class and culture on love. Leah is an American heiress who grew up in a privileged but unhappy family, while Nik is a Greek tycoon who came from a poor but loving family. They have different views on money, family, and loyalty, which create conflicts between them. They have to respect each other's backgrounds and beliefs in order to appreciate their differences.

The Unfaithful Wife is a captivating and emotional read that will appeal to fans of romance novels. It is available for free download at [The Internet Archive] or for purchase at [Yumpu] or [Goodreads].


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