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Kolor Panotour Pro 2.5.2 Keygenl

Kolor Panotour Pro 2.5.2 Keygenl - How to Update and Improve Your Virtual Tours

Kolor Panotour Pro is a powerful software that allows you to create interactive and immersive virtual tours from your panoramic images. You can add hotspots, sounds, videos, web content, and more to your tours and publish them online or offline. However, if you are using an older version of Kolor Panotour Pro, you may encounter some performance and compatibility issues with modern browsers and devices. That's why you need to update your software with the krpano Update Package, which will bring you the latest features and improvements of krpano, the core engine of Kolor Panotour Pro.

In this article, we will show you how to update Kolor Panotour Pro 2.5.2 with the krpano Update Package, which will improve the performance and compatibility of your virtual tours. You will need a Panotour Pro 2.x license and a new or upgraded krpano license to do this.

Kolor Panotour Pro 2.5.2 Keygenl

Step 1: Download krpano and register your license

The first step is to download krpano from [here] and unpack it anywhere on your system. Then, start the krpano Tools application and register your krpano license code. You can buy a new krpano license or upgrade your existing one from [here].

Step 2: Install the Panotour Pro Update

The next step is to install the Panotour Pro Update using the krpano Tools application. Open the Settings tab and you should see additional information and buttons related to Panotour Pro, like shown in the screenshot below:

Click the Install the Panotour Pro Update button to install the update. This will replace the old krpano files in your Panotour Pro installation folder with the new ones, and also update the default template files with some fixes and improvements.

Step 3: Start and use Panotour Pro

The final step is to start and use Panotour Pro as usual. You should notice some changes and enhancements in your virtual tours, such as:

  • Better performance and compatibility with modern browsers and devices, especially in HTML5 mode.

  • Improved WebVR support for viewing your tours in VR mode on compatible devices.

  • 3D sound ability for sound spots, which means you can create directional sounds that change according to the viewer's orientation.

  • New debug options for testing and troubleshooting your tours.

  • And more...

You can find more details about the changes and fixes in the [krpano Change Log].


Kolor Panotour Pro 2.5.2 Keygenl is a simple way to update your software with the latest krpano version and enjoy its benefits. By following these steps, you can create more interactive and immersive virtual tours that work well on any platform and device. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us or visit the [krpano forum].


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